Date of BaptismDetails
19th May 2019Rory Alexander Son of Claire & Christopher Brown, Jedburgh
31st March 2019Flynn Grieve Son of Leigh and Barry Grieve, Jedburgh
15th October 2017Lewis Alan John Simpson
Son of Cameron & Louise (nee Elliot), Jedburgh
20th August 2017Annabel Georgina Waugh
Daughter of Julie Gaston & George Waugh, Jedburgh
21 May 2017Gracie May Margaret Anne Thomson
Daughter of Kim and Scott Thomson, Jedburgh
15 January 2017Archie George Douglas
Son of Helen Jean Douglas & Fraser George, Kelso
18 December 2016Harris James Pringle
Son of Gary and Joanna (nee Farquarson) , Jedburgh
21 August 2016Logan George Palmer, Son of Neil Palmer and Georgia Brown, Pleasants, Oxnam
17 April 2016Amelia Kenzie Hogg
Daughter of Tamara Hogg
17 April 2016Mackinlay Michael Atlaw Simpson, son of Tamara Hogg and Greagor Simpson
17 January 2016Lola Grace Blair, Daughter of Guy and Hayley (nee White), Selkirk
18 January 2015Emilia Grace Cairns, daughter of Jamie Cairns and Natalie Maynard, South Riccalton Farm
21 December 2014Alaina Evelyn Whittaker, daughter of Robert Whittaker and Michelle Scott, Bongate Cottage, Jedburgh
19 October 2014Benjamin Douglas Proudfoot, Son of Christopher and Rebecca (nee Shiell)
25 June 2014Harriet Elizabeth Mary Barker and Magnus Andrew Harry Barker, twins of Dr. Joel and Caroline (nee Lyall)
27 April 2014Georgia Johanne Brown & her daughter Katie Grace Palmer and daughter of Neil Palmer, Pleasants, Jedburgh
20 April 2014Charles Hugh Cobaine Casson & Rory Michael James Casson, sons of Jeffrey & Caroline Casson, (nee Hill) Edinburgh
2 March 2014Millie May Borthwick, daughter of Keith & Joanne, Lindean Mill, Ulston, Jedburgh
16 February 2014Scott Walter Turnbull, son of Steven & Claire, Swinside, Oxnam
20 October 2013Sophie Alexandra Jane Elliot-Simpson, Daughter of Cameron and Louise (nee Elliot), Jedburgh
Lucy Annabelle Elliot, Daughter of Tom Elliot and Lauren Hughes, Hindhope, Jedburgh
Jack Thomas Elliot, Son of Tom Elliot and Lauren Hughes, Hindhope, Jedburgh
18 August 2013Faith Isabella Blair, Daughter of Guy and Hayley (nee White), Selkirk
21 July 2013Elizabeth Amber Scott, Daughter of Peter and Annabelle (nee Strickland), Dolphinston, Jedburgh
16 September 2012Maximus McKnight Scott, son of Peter & Annabelle Scott, Dolphinston
15 September 2013Blair Joseph Pringle, Son of Garry and Joanna (nee Farquharson), Jedburgh
15 April 2012Logan Brian Andrew Elliot-Simpson, son of Cameron & Louise Elliot-Simpson, Howdenburn Court, Jedburgh
31 March 2012Mason John Field Thomson, son of Robert & Karen Thomson, Lothian Rd, Jedburgh
18 March 2012Rory George Richard Henderson, son of Richard Henderson & Kelli Wild, Howden Crescent, Jedburgh
4 March 2012Holly Grieve, Daughter of Neil & Heather Grieve, 3/4 Oxnam Row Cottages, Jedburgh
19 February 2012Imogen Adele Cairns, daughter of Jamie & Natalie Cairns, South Riccalton, Oxnam
22 January 2012 Connie Ann Whittaker, daughter of Robert & Michelle, Jedburgh