Service Dates

Services are held on the 1st, 3rd and, if applicable, the 5th Sundays of each month.

  • Hospitality on the 1st Sunday
  • Sunday school on the 3rd Sunday
  • All services are held at 10.30am apart from some 5th Sundays in the month, which may be evening services.

All welcome.

Services Diary 2015 / 2016

Time and DateService
Sunday 30th AprilEvening Service
led by Rev Anna Rodwell
Sunday 7th MayMorning Service
Sunday 21st MayMorning Service
Including Sunday School
Sunday 4th JuneMorning Service
Sunday 18th JuneMorning Service
Including Sunday School
Sunday 2nd JulyMorning service
Sunday 16th July Morning Service
Including Sunday School
Sunday 30th JulyEvening Service
There is a car park in the field. Could 4×4 vehicles please all go there on busy days when the ground is wet. In the summer it is usually suitable for all.
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