Sunday School

November 2016

The wild flower seeds sown by the children in May resulted in a lovely colourful display from July to September. We are now allowing the seeds to be scattered before clearing the beds and sowing extra seeds already kindly sent to us from the Kew Gardens ‘Go Wild Team’.

Our first session since the summer break coincided with the pet service in September. It was lovely to have so many young families joining us in the field, with the children playing a prominent part and enjoying a treasure hunt at the end. At the beginning of the Harvest Festival seven children carried in small baskets of fruit and other offerings to be placed in front of the communion table along with all the other gifts of fruit, vegetables and eggs. Later they were thrilled to have Henrietta the hen with them in the vestry during their Sunday School activity time.

We are very grateful for the kind donation which enabled us to purchase a beautiful large wooden Noah’s Ark and animals. It will be the focus of many a Sunday School activity in the future and give delight to many children. Now we are preparing things for our table at the Christmas Bazaar on Saturday 26th November and hope very much you will all come along to support us.

Val Hunter

July 2016

The Sunday School and visiting children have all been very active in various events at the Kirk. They participated enthusiastically in the Nativity play on Christmas Eve and enjoyed a most successful egg hunt on Easter Sunday when all 50 eggs were finally discovered.

The Sunday School is also taking part in the UK’s biggest ever campaign to grow wild flowers. The aim is to transform local spaces into beautiful, colourful wildlife havens in honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday. After registering away back in February, we received seeds, bee house kits and books of instructions in April. Some bare ground in our plots in the Kirk’s parking field has been prepared and sown. All we need now is sunshine, gentle rain and less competition from a resident rabbit and neighbouring hens!!

Val Hunter

November 2014

Just a short report as we’ve only had two sessions of Sunday School since the summer holidays. We’re always delighted to see our three loyal members in Church where they often participate in the service under the guidance of Rev. Marion Dodd. A lovely colourful poster celebrating the harvest was made in September and displayed, along with all the other beautiful exhibits at the Harvest Festival. As that service we were joined by six visiting children and they all worked happily together in the confined space of the vestry. Plans are afoot to establish extra space for the children and young families in the form of a summerhouse in the field, but fund raising has to happen first.
Val Hunter

July 2014

Sunday School continues to be held on the third Sunday of the month. Although we have only a few regular members our numbers increase enormously when a baptism or festival occurs at that time. We have purchased some new toys so that the young visitors have something to play with in the vestry during the lessons and sermon of the services. On Christmas Eve we presented another lovely Nativity scene with some of the children dressing up and each one reading a special Christmas poem. This year Easter coincided with Sunday School and two baptisms and over twenty extra children joined us. Luckily the weather was fine so while the younger children searched for lots of small Easter eggs, the older children went on a treasure hunt for the big golden egg. After following clues around the old graveyard, Oscar finally found it in a yew bush and kindly shared it will all who took part.
Our vegetable garden is looking promising at present. The potatoes and cabbages are coming on well and our lettuces are almost ready. The other gardens are being cultivated by members of the community.
We are now on our summer break and hope to welcome more children in the middle of September when we restart.
Val Hunter

November 2013

We have had two lively meetings since the Summer break, with lots of visiting children boosting our small number of regular members.
Our gardens were very productive this year. Garden peas, sweet peas, potatoes and cabbages all flourished – with help from Adam – and, from time to time, were given to members of the congregation. The young apple tree produced ten lovely red apples. This variety known as ‘Scrumptious’ definitely lived up to its name , being juicy and sweet and ready to eat in October. At the Harvest Festival some of the apples, along with other fruits, were arranged by the children in little baskets and given away at the end of the service.
We’re planning a short Nativity scene for the Christmas Eve Service and hope for more support from local children at a rehearsal during the Family Service on 15th December.
Val Hunter

July 2013

Sunday School continues to be held on the third Sunday of the month with just a very few regular members. However, our numbers are often boosted by visiting children who always seem to fit in and enjoy what we are doing.
Recently we thought particularly about Jesus’ parable of ‘the Sower’ and have grown broad beans, lettuce and peas for our small gardens in the field. Rob and Adam are helping to keep the rabbits at bay. Moira has supplied new top soil and Neil Grieve and Amy are tending one plot, so it is becoming quite a community effort. The apple tree we purchased last year is covered with blossom and looks very promising now that the long, cold Spring seems to be over.
Sunday School will meet again on 15th September after the Summer break.

November 2012

All the members were present on Sunday 17th June for the prize-giving, followed by an exciting treasure hunt and picnic in a sheltered part of the old graveyard. We just managed to keep the rain away and everyone enjoyed themselves. After the summer break Sunday School coincided with the special Baptismal Service and all the children were welcomed into the vestry to join in some of our activities. The toddlers played with the toys on a rug while lots of children tried their hand at various crafts and skills, and some of the boys were taken into the field to play ball games. Many thanks to Morag, Fiona and Julie for helping.
The Sunday School also participated in the Harvest Thanksgiving Service in October by bringing in a variety of fruits and vegetables and reading some special prayers. At our next meeting on November 18th we shall be preparing lots of small gifts to sell at our stall at the Christmas Fayre on 24th November. We do hope you will support us!

July 2012

On Christmas Eve all the Sunday School members, and some visiting children, dressed up and quickly worked together to present another lovely Nativity scene at the beginning of the candle-lit carol service.
Earlier this year almost every Sunday School coincided with a baptism so we have welcomed lots of extra children into the vestry to join in our usual stories, discussions and crafts. We always rejoin the congregation after the sermon to witness the actual baptism. For a long time we have been sowing seeds (broad beans, lettuce and sweet peas) in preparation for another gardening season in our raised beds. A fine little apple tree has been purchased using the money we won at the Sprouston Sweet Pea Festival. Our thanks go to Rob for planting it in a good position in the field. Sadly, the lettuce we planted out in April was devoured by a friendly rabbit, which decided to burrow in one of the raised beds. This has now been replanted with broad beans, potatoes and cabbages, using canes and enviromesh to try to keep the rabbit at bay.
At our May meeting we read and discussed ‘the feeding of the five thousand’ and so we are now planning a picnic and treasure hunt to follow the prize giving at the final meeting in June, before the summer holidays.

November 2011

Over the summer months we were busy tending the sweet peas and the vegetable plots. In June the children planted a wide variety of donated plants:- parsley, broccoli, leeks, courgettes, tomatoes and lettuce. Of these, the courgettes, parsley and lettuce grew well and several members of the congregation were delighted to take samples home.
At the same time, we were keeping an eye on the sweet peas which, in spite of the lack of sunshine, flourished. On the afternoon before the Sweet Pea Competition, some of the children came to Sprouston Village Hall where they chose ten sweet pea stems from the bunch we had cut. These were arranged in a jam jar and left with the may other entries in the marquee. How surprised we were the next day to hear that we had won a first prize and a special trophy! Congratulations to everyone involved.
Sunday School met again on Sunday 21st August when over fifty people came to the special Sweet Pea Service. The Church was filled with these beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers from many gardens in the parish, and everyone enjoyed Fiona Ralston’s excellent baking at the hospitality that followed.
At our October meeting we were very happy to welcome two new children from a young family who have recently moved into the village. We hope some more new members will soon join in as we are now planning our Nativity Scene for the Christmas Eve Carol Service. Sunday School meets again on 20th November and 18th December.
Congratulations to the Sunday school members on winning the Sprouston sweet pea competition! & for Moira Land for winning the best Amateur.

July 2011

In spite of the severe winter weather the children and some guests made a great effort to give a really beautiful Nativity Scene at the annual Christmas Eve Carol Service. Their singing and readings were much appreciated by the congregation and added a special dimension to this lovely service.
During the winter months we had some interesting discussions followed by making small gifts for Mother’s Day and Easter. It was a fine day for our Easter Egg Hunt which everyone enjoyed. Another grant from the Religious Knowledge Society for £250 has enabled us to buy new book shelves and a cupboard, creating more space in the vestry.
Our main project at present is to prepare for the Sweet Pea Competition in Sprouston. This is being held in August to mark 100 years since Sprouston’s Minister and his wife won top prizes in a national Sweet Pea Competition in London. The money received was given to their Church to build a new chancel. So in February both the Sunday School and the Youth Club, who are joining in, sowed their seeds and took them home to germinate. The plants were transported into the new beds in the Church field in May. We are so grateful to Adam Armstrong and Rob Young for digging out these beds from difficult ground and to Frank Clayton for putting up a special net for the Sweet Peas to climb up. Like all gardeners we now hope and pray for good summer weather!

Sunday School wild flower garden

Sunday School wild flower garden

Sunday School children sowing the seeds

Sunday School children sowing the seeds

Sunday School