There is no charge for Baptisms in the church.
They are held on the 3rd Sunday of the month; if these dates are not suitable, please contact the minister.
Normal flowers will be in the church, but if you would like to arrange your own, please advise the minister.


There is a £200 charge for a funeral.
Any collection taken for charities at the funeral, should be dealt with by the family or the undertakerconcerned. However, if the collection or part of it, is for Oxnam church, then our treasurer will deal with this on your behalf.
Flowers, if required, should be provided by the family.
An elder will be on duty on the day.
The undertaker will normally arrange for an organist He/she will charge a fee, which will be added to the funeral a/c.
If this is not the case, the organist should be paid on the day of the funeral.


A charge of £200 will be due for use of the church, cheques payable to “Oxnam Kirk”. This can be given to the minister on the day, or sent to the church treasurer:
Fiona Geddes
C/o CRB Anderson.WS
Royal Bank Buildings
Only bio-degradable confetti may be used at the church.
If an organist is required, it is up to the family concerned to arrange.

Hymn Books

We were surprised and delighted by an anonymous gift given to Oxnam Kirk some months ago.
It was decided to use the money to buy some of the new CH4 Church Hymnaries. These lovely purple books have helped us to bring some old faithful songs back into our repertoire and have allowed us to try some new hymns to enrich our worship. We would now like to add to their number as they have proved such a success. We are offering people the chance to buy a book and put a book plate inside to commemorate a loved one. The book will then be placed at the front door for the use of all. Books cost £13.50

Communion Cups

For the first time the Kirk will be using individual communion cups for our winter communion on 6th December. Peter and Heather Rhodes have very generously donated communion trays and glasses to Oxnam, for which we are most grateful. We are aware that some members of the congregation had voiced concerns at drinking from the common cup and hopefully this will now meet with everyone’s approval. We look forward to having your comments


The Borders Family History Society has published a booklet of Oxnam monumental inscriptions although the list is mainly that of pre-1855 inscriptions – many later ones are not included.

Data Protection Policy

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